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Client: For tools- Keter, Allibert, Curver

Product: DIY organizers and storage
Materials: Polypropylene, steel



We designed a series of organizers based on the following concepts; Ergonomic organizers with an innovative structure which increases accessibility and expansion of the storage units. Also, we came up with a mechanical solution for a quick, simple opening, fitted to a rough working environment. In addition to the organizers, we have designed in the DIY field several storage products.


KETER-Cantilever Organizer_22
KETER-Cantilever Organizer 22
KETER-Canti TRIO organizer_Open
KETER-Canti TRIO organizer
KETER_Cantilever Pro 22 Toolbox
CURVER-Optima Storage Box
ALIBERT-Totem Trunk 42 Liter
DIY photos
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