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Client: Curver
Laundry baskets

Materials: Polypropylene


Our goal in this project was at first to develop a technology of deep textures. This invention was later transformed and molded into a line consisting of a wide variety of hampers and baskets.Alongside this cutting edge concept of styling, these products are easy to clean; they have comfortable ergonomic handles and are fully ventilated. Excellent for everyday use.The deep texture concept became a worldly popular breakthrough. It contributed added values in structure, weight and design which made these products international best sellers.


Ribbon- Recycling Set
Ribbon- Hamper and Laundry Basket
Nuance - Hamper and Laundry Basket
My Style- Hamper and Laundry Basket
CURVER-Style Laundry Basket
Curver- Knit Hamper and Laundry Basket
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